A project with students from the BfA Arnhem

September – November 2015


with Fabienne Balvers, Jasmijn Bosma, Lente Brugge, Maud van Dijck, Rosan van Doeselaar, Arash Fakhim, Valentina Gal, Sanne de Haan, Nienke Hartjes, Mirelle Versteeg, Sanne Tijsma, Lars Vonk and Katinka Zonneveld


“Why do certain things get a hold of us or affect us more than others? Why do some things stick to us and others don’t? Why do certain things end up on our physical and virtual desktops? … And what is the entirety of all the things you gather or screenshot telling us about you?”



(The Buman Hody, ink and pen on paper, 2011)


Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the process of ingestion and digestion as an image for practice. Take for example the transit time of food in the stomach: Meat takes rather long, three to four hours, to be broken down by the gastric acids while salad or fruit is ready for the intestines in roughly 30 minutes. These are different speeds and complexities of caloric (or economic) exploitability. What happens when we complicate the digestion of our labor by eating meat before the melon is that the digested liquid of the light food will start fermenting on top of the heavy food. Fermentation produces gas as a byproduct and although a carbonated stomach is a rather painful and farty affair, I’m quite fascinated by the idea of a practice that operates in fluid transitions between easily digestible, a bloating grease feast and anything in between.


And how can we make use of that alchemical energy, produced within our very own system?


tattoo edition unseen 7afaf


Working Title, Working Clothes (tentative molting)

color laser print on transfer paper

210 x 297mm

edition for Studio 47




I will be presenting a new instalment & performance of Working Clothes with STUDIO 47 at Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam this week.


with limited edition prints by Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Céline Manz, Lotte Reimann, Sonia de Jager, Rebecca Stephany, Hanna Mattes, Marieke Gelissen and Tania Theodorou.
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam
September 18 – 21

Copenhagen I couldn’t care less about your oxygen


updating my virtual residency “Working Title, Working Clothes” at Studio 47


working title, working clothes, campaign


photography: kulenturato

bodies: Annie, Christian, Dan, Elisa, Gianmaria, Isfrid, Nicholas, Noa, Nolwenn, Samuel, Sophia, Vincent and Will 


updating my virtual residency “Working Title, Working Clothes” at Studio 47


clothes on bones are never not corporeal


campaign teaser


updating my virtual residency “Working Title, Working Clothes” at Studio 47


ON VIEW interferences of digital and physical re-/presentations

_MG_3767 copy
with Timo Hinze, Julian Irlinger, Hanne Lippard, Falke Pisano

curated by A.R. practice | Ann Richter and Agnieszka Roguski, 21 June – 12 July 2015
Kunstverein Leipzig, 27 June – 4 July 2015


ON VIEW interferences of digital and physical re-/presentations puts the relationship between exhibitions and their digital availability in perspective. The exhibition opens online on and will be shown at KV — Leipzig as (re-) interpretation of the works in the web and its subsequent view in space.


unique sizes


Performative fabrics, impermeable second skins, enhanced enhancement. Bodies in clothes. Clothes on bones are never not corporeal. We are styling our precarity.


This is  s t u f f  talking back to me.


Working Title, Working Clothes (Adore), 2015

latex, thermocromic silkscreen ink and lamifix on white long sleeves in unique sizes
modified clothing rack