2014 • • • • • • November 22: looking forward to A New Divide – Social and Economic Challenges in Contemporary Design, a symposium at Goethe Institut Amsterdam, organized by Barbara Steiner; together with Elizabeth Klement, Bart de Baets, Stuart Bailey and Radim Peško • • • • • October 30, Soy Disseminated special screening with a view at blue° Amsterdam  • • • • June 16, Current Obsession, a magazine reporting on contemporary jewellery, is featuring use 2 b usb with 6 pages in its current issue dedicated to FAKE – out now, excited! • • • May 23 to June 15: Soy Disseminated, a video with Nora Turato and a new instalment of use 2 b usb are on view at Kazachenko’s Apartment • • February 7, screening of use 2 b usb at Gallery Demon’s Mouth, Oslo, as part of Catalina Niculescu’s exhibition at the gallery • on January 18, join us to celebrate the launch of a use 2 b usb, a werable, digital-material edition that I have made and organized for Amsterdam art space Rongwrong. Interlacing friends, collegues, collaborators, lovers, latex and flash drives, the result is a limited series of 40 unique pieces, to be discovered, purchased and talked about at Rongwrong. Life is too short to safely remove an usb.

2013 • from February to May, I will be artist-in-residence at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College (CCS Bard), New York • • I made a/the “Wall Text (Last Conversation)” for Unless otherwise noted, a group show curated by Marina Noronha, CCS Bard / Hessel Museum of Art, New York, USA; March 24 – May 26 • • • on April 21, we celebrated the launch of DaDaDa, a USB wristband publication I made for Point of Sale, a bookshop project curated by Karly Wildenhaus at CCS Bard • • • • on June 13 Eliska Zakova and I dissected some truths, myths and gossip about the gallerist-artist relationship and their position in the art-eco-system at Upominki, Rotterdam, as part of Artist4Artist – The Economic Performance • • • • • I am a panelist at Design Debates #8: “Cherry pick design: The role of the curator”, on June 26 in Eindhoven; with Annemartine van Kesteren, Anne van der Zwaag and Angelique Spaninks, organized by Ellen Zoete • • • • • • I have been invited by Klement & Pappa to be a tutor at their Asterisk Summer School in Tallinn, Estonia; from July 28 to August 4, with Urs Lehni, Paul Elliman and Joris Kritis