Wat nu, Koetsier? is a project initiated by Chives Archives and René Put in collaboration with Het Parool, inspired by conceptual artist Hans Koetsier’s collection of Advertisements, which were published mainly in Vrij Nederland and Het Parool between 1969-1981. In the spirit of Hans Koetsier, 45 graphic designers are invited to design their own ‘advertisement’, to induce a contemporary work or statement that manifests the force of communication. (


Koetsier seemed to enjoy publishing random telephone numbers of strangers every once in a while. He also put slogans like “I LOVE YOU” and “AMSTERDAM! YES DEAR” in print. I was born just a few days before Koetsier published his last ad in 1981. My contribution, “I TINDER NOT, 0649883402, Rebecca, 35, artist” was published in Het Parool on August 5.


Hans Koetsier’s advertisments from 1969 to 1981

Deep Googling



DEEP GOOGLING was my first seminar at the department for Visual Communication at HfG Karlsruhe – with Massimiliano Audretsch, Manuel Cistof, Lisa Ertel, Maren Götz, Cadie Grözinger, Rana Karan, Cécile Kobel, Mathias Lempart, Lotti Oberkrome, Felix Plachtzik, Maxim Weirich, Jannis Zell and Phil Zumbruch.

DEEP GOOGLING text (in German)


installation views from the yearly summer exhibition at HfG Karlsruhe, July 14 to July 16.


I contributed a series of unintentional studio selfies to LA.NL, a publication by Annie Goodner.

With contributions by: Gianmaria Andreetta, Ivan Cheng, Becket Flannery, Annie Goodner, Elizabeth Graham, Margaret Haines, Rosie Haward, Ghislaine Leung, Anna Reutinger.


Restriction, constriction, constructed space, landscape as play-acting, too much space, not enough space, not enough air, trying to get away, fleeing to the desert, stories of escapism, drowning in television, misusing the spotlight. LA.NL is a publication, but it’s also an approach to writing.

Wretch Log Oinks

Wretch Log Oinks (these series of errors and recoveries… sie „fallen“ vorher bereits, und es reicht aus, das stolpernde Bein daran zu hindern, diesen Fall aufzuhalten), 2016


all the divided selves (are burning softly, are) expropriating exposure (. In a paradox of subjugation and empowerment:) You are what you eat.


As such and over the course of the past yyyyeeeaaaarrrr, Working Title, Working Clothes has mutated and updated itself from Belive, Ha Ho or If We All Cut Off Our Ears Who is Left To Hear? to a collection of modified shirts, WTWC Adore, to the Campaign, to a situation with in inflatable latex objects, heating cables and oxygen as the #5 cause of death, Copenhagen, I couldn’t care less about your oxygen. To a series of figures of display of 0 and 1 and a slow design linocut monoprint bootleg of the original collection, WrkngClths presents/is presented by Wretch Log Oinks.


Why can’t you hold me? Don’t touch me. call me if you need more info. I mean like a broken telephone and pixelating oneself and letting the work ingest and digest itself, its Brand is burning softly. this one, group representative, slipped.


… open today from 12 to 17h! Kloveniersburgwal 47!

Festiv town, May 14

Teaser ((sic) hobbyists)




Festiv town

14 May 2016, 19.00 – 22.00, Roundabout on junction of Mauritskade and Linnaeusstraat, Amsterdam


with Olga Balema, Dina Danish, Jacob Dwyer, Mary Furniss, Joseph Gower, Marcia Gratton, Rubén Grilo, Lauren Hall, Riley Harmon, Femke Herregraven, Philipp Kremer, Jenny Lindblom, Kareem Lotfy, Dennis McNulty, Katja Novitskova, Machteld Rullens, Rustan Söderling, Timur Si-Qin, Rebecca Stephany, Evita Vasiljeva, Dan Walwin, Bruno Zhu, Emile Zile a.o.


organized by Dan Walwin, Bruno Zhu and Femke Herregraven




Teaser, 2016

digital print on cell phone case, video [both on phone] brown synthetic hair, natural latex tubing, white nylon mesh, tubing, brown rice, straw, plaster, clear plastic ring, clear silicone bra strap, brass chain, natural sisal rope, red tape, white, cowhide, silver and brass binder rings, black rubber cord, dark green cotton cord, orange elastic cord, black raffia bast



April… April…

coming up: micro celebrities, group show at gallery fiebach, minninger, commissioned by Marcel Hiller, Cologne, opening April 8