with Iva Supic Jankovic (The Fashion Of Christ)

duo show / two performances

June 4 & 5, 2016

Studio 47 Amsterdam





performed by Lamb Skins, representing FASHION OF CHRIST, 2016

Wretch Log Oinks (Where Is The Body), Rebecca Stephany 2016


the hobbyist operates with a soft belly. she commits to her true shape, wide-open source. .... most of all, she buys time to have time to be alone. guilty of nothing, she is no longer expecting (nothing). accepting X in return, the hobbyist trains herself to be ready, ready at all times. ... she knows she too is mortal and shows her commitment by always being on her period, never not bleeding. ... hers are attick gossips, basement politics and living room negotiations. her politics are personal, which means she never punches downwards or spits upwards. ... hers is not a universal language, she formulates the work as it formulates her. some takes are fucked, some gives are shit (she doesn't yet know that this is the universal thing about everyone's language, and they are everyone). ... the hobbyist is peacefully oblivious to the luxury of not having to declare her position, or some position to begin with. however, she also refuses to tie her own shoes. ... the hobbyist likes to share her latest accomplishment, enjoying the tips-n-tricksing with other hobbyistas. but why would she put together the same puzzle twice? she’d rather use all its parts for something else. she’s committed to the voluntary and useless. ... (lately, she’s been quite moody and probably wouldn’t agree but) the hobby to her is like a shared energy field of knowledge, which she nurtures and feeds from in circular curiosity and dedication. ... she’d say her payment is joy and peace of mind. her legitimization? showing up. new wave recognitionism, but also as her very human condition. (this is were things get miserable, between us, her pathos is rather delusional) ... see, the hobbyist is no extremist, she lives with her work. irony has no place in her domesticity. it's really not that complicated. she's just ready to remain tender above all. ... and that is the joy of her business. RS/ISJ 2016

FASHION OF CHRIST, Life Is Pain, 2016

Rebecca Stephany, Wretch Log Oinks (Where Is The Body), 2016

FASHION OF CHRIST, Lamb Skins, 2016

all images: Ayako Nishibori